10 Fun Felt Crafts for Kids

We are sharing some of our favorite easy crafts, 10 Fun Felt Crafts for Kids. These take very few supplies, most you will have on hand. Crafting with the kids is first of all fun, encourages family bonding and supports learning new skills. Links to the crafts with full tutorials.

Lets make some sunshine! Have the kids craft a cute sunshine banner to hang on the front door or on the door to their room. Another kid’s craft from Laura Kelly! Craft!

Super hero masks and capes, add them to any box, of course a girl scout cookie box is a good choice. (You have to empty it first 🙂 Thanks Scout Leader Laura Kelly. Make!

Pin wheels are always such fun! Thanks to Rina Gonzales you can make them easy peasy from felt! Pin Wheel Deets.

Yes we know kids love to snack and those little cheese crackers, yum! Felt food fun by Laura Bray! Make now.

Pennant banners just to celebrate and remind kids and everyone how great they are! Thanks Laura Kelly for the reminder! Make.

Easy learn to sew project, strawberries by Laura Bray. Make!

Our DT member Chad Boender aka Male Kindergarten Teacher often ties in a story with his crafts. These animal faces are super cute! Make!

KB Sock Monkey Head Pin

Sock monkeys always! This can be a pin or hair clip. Designed by Katie Berry, Mom to two great boys. From our Project Page which has a more fun crafts. Make!

Scraps of felt rolled make super easy beads. Kids can match an outfit or make a garland for their room. Craft!

Felt food is a favorite craft and what could be better than this DIY hamburger by Laura Kelly. Kids can create their own toppings, who can make the biggest burger! DIY

These 10 Fun Felt Crafts for Kids are some of our favorites, we have more on our website!

Tips for crafting with kids.

  1. Gather some basic tools and materials. Scissors, there are ceramic scissors that are sharp but safe for kids. Quality tools ensure satisfaction not frustration. With all the great portable storage container selections you can put together a compact crafty station. Add glue, felt, buttons, twine, wiggly eyes, ribbon scraps, pom poms and chenille stems. Paper, pencils and markers are a few other handy items to add along with hand wipes. Recyclable containers like gift wrap rolls, plastic bottles provide a basic platform.
  2. Crafting with the kids, be inspired by nature. Lay down in the backyard, just watch the clouds, look for shapes and animals. Draw or paint together right there.
  3. There are great kits, often very inexpensive and the pieces are precut, embellishing and gluing is the best part anyway! TIP: Keep an old plastic tablecloth to protect whatever surface you are using. Exploring creativity especially with young ones is messy.
  4. Just ask questions, be encouraging, celebrate the purple trees and frogs with eight eyes. The creative vision is inspired by the real world but is not reflected by their frog having to be exactly a green frog with two eyes. Showcase the masterpieces, build confidence and pride in their creations!

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Sending out creative inspiration to everyone, make a craft, make a memory.