The Interactive Hamburger Stuffie

This is a family confession.  We have so many stuffed animals between the four kids that I can’t even estimate the total count.  It cracks me up when we go to a museum store, a zoo store or for that matter…any store…and they want MORE stuffies to add to the collection.  This summer we have decided to make new additions on our own.  The first request was for a hamburger stuffie.  I am not kidding.  The request was complete with wishes for interactive guts including the burger, bun and condiments.  I took the challenge, gathered my felt and got to work.  Here is what was created.

LK Kunin Burger SQ

To create this fun, you will need the following:

9” x 12” craft cuts of Kunin Classicfelt in a variety of colors
ALeene’s Tacky Glue
Laura Kelly buttons from Buttons Galore and More
Embroidery Floss (Coats and Clark)
And any other embellishments you love

LK Supplies

To begin, I created the bun.  To make the top bun, I used two circle pieces of felt, one larger than the other.  I sewed it together around the edges, gathering the larger circle to fit the smaller.  I left an opening and turned it inside out to stuff with Polyfil stuffing then sewed the opening shut.   I added Laura Kelly buttons in Bold Brown ( for sesame seeds to the top.  For the bottom bun I sewed to small pieces together and stuffed the same way with slightly less stuffing.  To make the burger patty, I sewed two of the small circles together, stitching around the edge.

LK Buns and Patty

For the cheese I added ribbon, for the lettuce I added Tulip glitter and for the tomato I added details with Sharpie and a Laura Kelly Radical Red button.  And the pickles, the cute little pickles…to make them I stitched with light green floss on the dark green felt.

LK Burger Guts

Ta Da!

LK Kunin Burger SQ2

If you want the patterns for the pieces, they are available here as a free download.  You can make the burgers any size.  Mine is the pattern blown up 4 times.

Burger Patterns

This project would be great in a classroom for teaching with the following lesson plans: nutrition, colors, order and directions, opposites (top/bottom) and storytelling.  It would make my heart happy if a teacher created this and used it with her class.  If you need the supplies to be the first to give it a go, let me know and I will send them to you.  J

Next up on the request list is a stuffed pizza with lots of toppings!

Happy Using Your Imagination and Making Stuffie Foods,



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