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Summer Camp, swimming, campfires, arts and crafts, making lots of new friends and having fun in nature and sunshine! Who doesn’t love summer camp; arts and crafts were always my favourite activity. Well welcome to summer camp for dolls and doll lovers. Camp Doll Diaries is twelve weeks of camping summer fun for Doll lovers of every age! Kunin Felt is one of the sponsors of Camp Doll Diaries along with some other great crafty companies.

“The Doll Diaries ( team has selected a handful of really awesome brands to work with this summer. Our sponsors were selected because they make great products and fall in line with our core mission of inspiring creativity, imagination and play! Our Summer-Long Sponsorships include, Coats and Clark,  Kunin Group Felt and Madame Alexander Doll Company.  Additional weekly, project and giveaway sponsors include Buttons Galore, Polyform Products, Sophia’s Heritage, The Queen’s Treasures, and A Girl for All Time.”

So who and what is Doll Diaries? Char Polanosky created the site Doll Diaries in 2006 “to share photos and doll play ideas as her daughters began to enter the world of American Girl doll and other doll play. Over the years the Doll Diaries community has grown dramatically and it has become known for being a safe and friendly place for doll lovers of ALL AGES to share their love of doll play and doll collecting.” And they do, thousands of doll lovers share in the fun at Doll Diaries. Char’s creative team, our own Laura Kelly being one of them, come up with activities and crafts several times a week to share with their enthusiastic audience.

For twelve weeks from June till the end of August, Doll Diaries hosts Camp Doll Diaries where craft and activities are geared to camping fun for the dolls. From making tents to sleeping bags the crafts are fun, colorful and easy to make. Followers of the Doll Diaries share their photos and ideas in this enthusiastic and dedicated community.
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Here is a link to the post to make a doll sleeping bag. Kunin’s Printzfelt makes a very cute sleeping bag!
So over the summer Camp Doll Diaries will be posting every week some cute felt projects. I can’t wait till my doll arrives so she can take part in the fun! Check out all the summer camp activities at Doll Diaries ( and like them on Facebook also.

Here’s to summertime and camping fun!
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