Whale of a Tale Luggage Tag

LB Whale Photo 1 June 23

It’s summer and everyone has the travel bug. Everyone also seems to have black luggage. Who wants to waste their vacation time at the luggage carousel? Put a cute whale luggage tag on your suitcase and you’ll be able to spot yours as soon as it lands. Then head for the beach.

• RainbowClassic Felt™ in Peacock
• 12” ribbon
• Embroidery Thread
• Basic embroidery kit
• Googly eye
• Glue


1. Cut 2 whale shapes out of the felt. My whale was 5 inches long by 2.5 inches high. One will be the back and one will be the front so they need to be the same size. Just fold your felt in half and cut once if you once to ensure identical shapes. LB Whale Photo 2 June 23
2. Decide which side will be the back and cut a slit into the back. This is where you can slip a piece of paper with your contact information on it. (This is optional. The main purpose of this project is to create something that will help you identify your bag visually. Most airlines have stickers you can attach your bag for the purpose of getting them to you if they are lost.)

LB Whale Photo 3 June 23
3. Fold ribbon in half, then insert the FOLDED half between the two layers of felt. Pin at the top of the whale (where his blow hole would be!). Pin the front and back of the whale together too.
4. Using embroidery floss, stich the front and back of the whale together. Make sure you catch and secure the ribbon. LB Whale Photo 4 June 23
5. Glue a google eye to the whale using a craft glue or fabric glue.
6. Tie onto your luggage and enjoy your trip!

LB Whale Photo 5 June 23