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A week ago my darling little granddaughter arrived so my world at the moment is colored in pink and polka dots! How could I resist Eco-fi Plus Premium Felt in Candy Pink to create a tote to pop all those little extras in when taking baby Anna on an outing. The premium weight of felt makes a sweet yet sturdy tote. This is an hour project or less using fabric glue. Sweet and simple!

You will need:
2/3 yard Kunin Eco-fi Plus Premium Felt, Candy Pink
1/3 yard Kunin Eco-fi Plus Premium Felt, White
Fabri-tac by Beacon Adhesives
Circle Die & Big Shot by Sizzix
Scissors, pins, cutting mat, rotary cutter

DQ BPost June 17 Tote Stepout Photo 2

How to:
1. From pink felt cut: two 13” by 14” for back and front, two 3” by 23” for straps, fourteen pink circles in total, 2”, 2 ¼” sizes. From white felt cut one 10” bottom piece, one 2” by 14” band, 5” by 9”, 6” by 10”, 1” by 3” pieces for bow, four circles.

2. Glue white band 1 ½” down from top end of pink front piece. Glue white bottom piece to bottom end of pink front piece. Glue back pink piece to opposite end of white bottom piece. Fold piece in half matching side seams. Glue side seams with a thin line of glue close to the edge.

3. Place bow pieces on top of each other centering the smaller piece. Pleat center and wrap the small white strip around the center overlapping and gluing. Glue a pink polka dot circle to center of bow. Set bow aside.

4. Fold pink strap pieces in half lengthwise and glue edges. Measure in 3” from each end of tote and glue strap end to the front, repeat for second strap and glue to back.

5. Glue polka dots to bottom of bag using photo as a guide. Glue bow in place on band.

This tote can also be easily sewn, wherever the instructions call for gluing, topstitch instead. Make a grown up version with a black and pink color combination. For a wee boy, make a single bow for a bowtie in blue and white. Have fun making this so cute tote!


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