Felt Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Tree Table Decoration

Decorating the table for a holiday dinner, party or get together is always so fun. This Christmas tree table decoration can be done in a variety of colors and styles determined by felt choices and ribbons/buttons. I tend to lean...

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DIY Rainbow Felt Garland

DIY Felt Rainbow Garland

This darling little felt rainbow garland is a great way to create a decorative accent on the go. Whether you are creating a party in a park or at a campground, everything you need to make this garland fits in...

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Back-to-School DIY Felt Storage Garland

Back to School time is almost like a holiday around here. The girls gathered in our studio this past week and made things for their teachers to use in their classrooms. This useful and decorative storage garland came out so...

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DIY Felt Patches

Girl Scouts earn two different types of patches. The first set of patches are merit patches and earned through series of activities and lessons which are developed specifically for the different scouting levels. The second patches are fun patches. The...

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G.I.R.L Leader Bucket

Girl Scouts has a new way to empower girls and I love it so much. It is not considered a campaign but rather an expression of the Girl Scout brand’s core attitudes, values and history. There is power in every...

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A Banner for SWAPS

Over the years, Girl Scouts tend to collect a lot of SWAPS if they attend events, gathering and camps. SWAPS are Special.Whatchamatcallits.Affectionately.Pinned.Somewhere. In everyday people terms, a SWAP is a small handmade crafty item (usually with a pin attached) that...

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