10 Thrifty and Easy Holiday Felt Crafts

The holiday season is here! We are sharing 10 Thrifty and Easy Holiday Felt Crafts. Felt is durable, color fast and so easy to craft with. Create special ornaments and holiday decor that will last for years to come.

Beth Watson created these Faux Stitched Scandinavian ornaments using just a couple of craft cuts of felt and paint. How to.

How adorable and so affordable is this little hand wreath for the kids to make. Designed by our own Male Kindergarten Teacher Chad Boender. How to.

Of course some of the best fun to have with a piece of felt and scrap supplies, leftover ornament pieces is an Ugly Holiday Sweater Ornament party! Be inspired here.

Felt Craft

We love all of the cards Rina Gonzales designs, the Be Merry card is the cutest! Make it now.

Oh Christmas Tree, this fun festive tree was made by Laura Kelly. How to.

Merry Christmas Joy Wreath

Oh Hoop Crafts, Yes! This JOY hoop combines felt and applique letters to make a quick and easy felt craft. Designed by Laura Bray. Fit felt into hoop. Trim. add letters and embellish!

Personalized holiday gift tags. How quick and easy, designed by Rina Gonzales! Make a batch today!

Who can resist this Snowman Card, Rina designs the best cards! How to build a snowman card.

The snowman love continues with this handsome snowfella by Katie Berry. How to.

Of course everyone needs an Elf Clothes Line. A wayward elf might be in need of an extra outfit! Beth Watson created this whimsical garland. You can make your own!

We hope you are inspired to Holiday craft with these 10 Thrifty and Easy Holiday Felt Crafts!

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