8 Back to School Felt Crafts

Back to school equals new clothes, sneakers, backpacks and school supplies. We love this time of year and some of our very favorite crafts are those for back to school. Useful crafts like the baseball pouch or upcycled pencil containers to share in the classroom and fun crafts like the robot mask and shark inspired counting game.

Design Team member Katie Berry has two boys in school and they love baseball. This was her inspiration to design the baseball pouch for some of their supplies. Make it here! https://www.kuninfelt.com/2018/07/12/baseball-zipper-pencil-pouch/

DT member Beth Watson shares this WELCOME pencil banner. How special would this be across the classroom door when the kids arrive! Make it a welcome gift for the teacher. Get the full tutorial here. (http://kuningroup.com/2016/07/07/welcome-pencil-banner/) TIP: Make individual felt pencils with each student’s name to place at their desk or as banners around the room.

Of course, some of our best school projects come from because our own Male Kindergarten Teacher, a member of our Design Team. Chad Boender created these super cute pencil holders from recycled cans, of course we love the recycling part too! How to: http://kuningroup.com/2016/09/20/felt-in-the-classroom/

Another fun project from Chad to help with math and reading skills, Shark counters. When learning is fun, kids are engaged and excited to learn! Full tutorial here.

Oh, and another favorite from Chad, this little owl would be such a fun craft for the kids at school and could be used to have the littlest students introduce themselves in class. “WHOOO are you? Full tutorial here. http://kuningroup.com/2017/01/24/owls-felt-in-the-classroom/

DT member Laura Kelly also was a teacher and now is an amazing Scout leader and licensed designer with Sizzix. Her robot mask encourages imaginative play and fine motor skills by adding all the small details. For the older kids small washers and bolts can be added. TIP: Make sure if using actual small bolts, they are glued securely flat not pointing out straight. (My ten-year-old grandson had a great time gluing his out straight before I looked at what he was doing. His rational was no girl was getting close to him. We test all our crafts and the results can be very funny especially with five grandsons)! Make! https://www.kuninfelt.com/2016/09/15/robot-mask/

For the tweens and older kids DT member Laura Bray designed these reminder wrist bands. Ask your kids to choose a special word for the year. The bracelet will remind them of their intention throughout the year. The power of the written word. DIY here. https://www.kuninfelt.com/2017/12/21/word-of-the-year-cuff/

School’s in definitely during popsicle season. Chad shares this cute popsicle craft that won’t melt, and the little ones can enjoy adding all kinds of buttons, sequins and trims. My grandlittle girls love embellishing! More is just more fun! Make. https://www.kuninfelt.com/2017/06/20/popsicle-treats-felt-in-the-classroom/

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These are our very favorite Back to Felt School crafts. Have a great school year and need a crafty project, we have a project page filled with printables!

Happy Crafting!