Craft Projects for Creative Kids

It is so important for kids to be given opportunities to access their creativity and create. Over the summer I have been working in several workshops with kids and am excited to share some of the projects. Every time I work with kiddos, I am amazed at how different they can make the same project look from the others in their group. This, to me, is the magic of artistic creations.

The most popular theme has been ‘Unicorns and Rainbows’. This unicorn tail tassel is simple to make and creates a darling (and useful) piece as a backpack charm/zipper pull. Strips of felt in a variety of colors are simply tied together. Choosing colors and layering them is part of the creative process.

I also love the way kids decorate composition book covers. This one with a rainbow of buttons on a white felt cloud is so fun. A simple cloud shape and a bag of buttons. So easy but fun, arranging colors, trading buttons and sizes.

The shark is pretty awesome too. This one was made using a die-cut machine and my shark die that I designed for Sizzix. Being a Sizzix designer has been a great way to combine my own designs with felt in a way that is easily reproducible for crafters, teachers and Girl Scout leaders.

On Tuesday morning I was featured on Denver’s FOX news sharing ideas for kids to personalize their Back to School supplies. It was awesome to share felt with my city and spread creativity. Felt is the best because it acts like fabric and adds texture while being totally forgiving. The completed pieces that kids make often end up having as much play value as the crafting process itself. I shared the crafts above on the news as well as this elastic banded felt cloud rainbow. It is perfect for holding a pencil box closed or customizing a water bottle. My daughter said if were a little bigger, she would wear it as headband. I love that kids are always looking for new ways to use things. It shows how creative they are.

Tomorrow night I am hosting Crafty Happy Hour with a Back to School DIY night. Several of the project kits are felt ones and they are going to be awesome for the attendees. These are three of my favorite projects that will be in kits and ready for crafters when they arrive.

Creating handmade gifts and décor creates a deep connection. The maker of a handmade item takes pride in their work. This is so important to teach children. Children are learning so quickly and listening for feedback about how they show up in the world. When we put crafts and arts into their hands and empower them to create, we are supporting their emotional and developmental growth in many ways.

You can get directions to make these crafts on my blog, Me and My INKlings.


Cheers to Creating, Crafting and Children,