How to Support Creativity in Kids


First of all, everyone is creative. Being creative does not mean being super handy with a glue gun or die cut machine or decorating a three-layer unicorn cake. Being creative is simply exploring ideas, not being concerned with outcome or skill. “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try. — Dr. Seuss”

Actually, think of it as more play. Children are instinctively creative and early on are not concerned if their drawing looks like a bear or if it is blue. It is the fun process of paint or crayon to paper that intrigues and excites the child. As children get older according to some studies creativity diminishes until adulthood when many adults consider themselves uncreative.

Even as a parent if you consider yourself not very creative and you find yourself on the pretty posts of Pinterest and the eye candy of Instagram. Mom’s and/or parents, grandparents throwing the ultimate crafty themed birthday parties or making all kinds of cool stuff with their kids. For many creative parents/Moms/Dads it seems to be so easy. Fun experiments, super hero capes, homemade slime recipes and craft projects, they do it all. It can be overwhelming. However, it is not about skill level, it is about the process with kids. Being in the moment exploring materials and the joy and excitement of discovery.

Even if it does not come easy you can still be that crafty parent with lots of great ideas for the kids. This will foster their love of creating and keep it alive as an ongoing part of their lives. (Did you know creating is kind of like meditation “going with the flow and being present”, it is also beneficial for your health?)

Now for practical tips for Creativity:

  1. Gather some basic tools and materials. Scissors, there are ceramic scissors that are sharp but safe for kids. Quality tools ensure satisfaction not frustration. With all the great portable storage container selections you can put together a compact crafty station. Add glue, felt, buttons, twine, wiggly eyes, ribbon scraps, pom poms and chenille stems. Paper, pencils and markers are a few other handy items to add along with hand wipes. Recyclable containers like gift wrap rolls, plastic bottles provide a basic platform.
  2. Crafting with the kids, go for a walk, be inspired by nature. Collect rocks, leaves, seeds. Paint the rocks. Make leaf imprints with paint. Glue seeds and nuts into any shape. Let the kids lead. It is about the experience and just having fun!
  3. Lay down in a field or park, just watch the clouds, look for shapes and animals. Draw or paint together right there. That is just fun in itself.
  4. Many stores and venues offer creative workshops for every age too.
  5. There are great kits, often very inexpensive and the pieces are precut, embellishing and gluing is the best part anyway! TIP: Keep an old plastic tablecloth to protect whatever surface you are using. Exploring creativity especially with young ones is messy.
  6. Just ask questions, be encouraging, celebrate the purple trees and frogs with eight eyes. The creative vision is inspired by the real world but is not reflected by their frog having to be exactly a green frog with two eyes. Showcase the masterpieces, build confidence and pride in their endeavours.

I grew up with creative parents and was encouraged. It became my career, my love of making things and the process of creating. I passed that on to my daughters and now my grandchildren. I am grateful and remember how much I enjoyed making things, sewing with my Mom from a very early age.

At Kunin Felt we believe strongly in fostering and encouraging creativity. Our Design Team are teachers, Scout leaders, parents and grandparents who spend a lot of time directly being creative with kids and seeing the happy results of their support.


At we have a project page. ( There are several projects for kids all with a printable page. Just print off and take shopping with you and use as a step by step guide or just a starting point. There can never be enough purple frogs with eight eyes in this world! Have fun creating!

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