6 Felt Crafts for Father’s Day!

Dad’s always seem to be more of a challenge when it comes to gift ideas. With Father’s Day coming up we are sharing some of our very favorite crafty projects. These are easy enough for younger children to make with supervision. Get the older kids together for an evening of hands on crafty fun! Snap lots of photos to show Dad after he has opened his special gift.

This sock monkey banner can be personalized with Dad’s initials and in his favorite colors to hang in his office at work or at home. A handmade gift that can hang will make Dad smile every time he goes by. This can be found on our Project Page. Just print and create or open on your phone to pick up supplies needed at your local craft store. https://www.kuninfelt.com/project-page/

The Garden Gnome is hollow when constructed and a cute gift for a Dad especially if he likes to garden or has a beard or both! Hide a gift card to the coffee shop or garden center inside the gnome for an extra surprise. It is another printable project sheet from our project page. https://www.kuninfelt.com/project-page/

And of course, we just love these doughnuts and tie gift bag by Chad Boender. Don’t forget a gift certificate for him to get the real thing too! http://kuningroup.com/2017/05/23/donuts-for-fathers-day/

Most Dads who travel probably have a basic black bag. This whale luggage tag will make his bag easy to find on the carousel plus he will be reminded of the kids waiting for him when he gets home. http://kuningroup.com/2014/06/19/whale-of-a-tale-luggage-tag/

How about Dad’s best burger? Slide in a gift certificate between the layers. This is a super fun gift; the kids can make all kinds of fillings for the burger. http://kuningroup.com/2014/06/26/the-interactive-hamburger-stuffie/

All of these crafts can be made by following the step by step tutorials. Felt, scissors and glue are the main supplies. The best thing about crafting is every project will come out uniquely different and personal. The most fun is in the making and then the surprise of giving a handmade gift.

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Happy crafting for Father’s Day!
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