Plush Felt Tips, Meet Doodles

It is Technique Tuesday in the Kunin Felt Classroom. We are talking Plush felt and very excited to introduce Doodles the Deer and the delightful designer behind the Fluffmonger characters!

Met Jenny Maj, a plush toy designer from Greensboro, NC, and the creator of Fluffmonger, a collection of unique plush toys and collectibles made from hand-dyed, organic fabrics. Jenny began selling her plush creations on Etsy in 2014 and has branched out into creating greeting cards, PDF sewing patterns, and plush making video tutorials on YouTube. She is also the author and illustrator of Falafel’s Garden, an eco-friendly children’s book about a gardening llama. You can find Jenny and her fluffy friends at

Jenny has created a free pattern download and complete video tutorial for Doodles the Deer. Watch here. (

We have several colors available in plush felt, Red, White, Honey, Chocolate, Orange, Vanilla, Grey and Black. Plush is fluffy on the front and smooth on the back with a nap. Jenny’s video is excellent as she shares techniques for the best success sewing with plush felt.


1. Check nap by running hand over plush side.
2. Adhere paper pattern pieces to cardstock and cut out.
3. Draw around patterns on back of folded plush with a sharpie, invisible marker or with chalk depending on the color of plush. Cut out larger pieces. Use pins or clips to hold pieces together.
4. Smaller pieces, sew around the drawn piece first and then cut out.
5. Clip corners and curves, trim seams before turning right side out.
6. Use a thin dowel or hemostatic clamps to turn small pieces.
7. Plush will not fray but loose fibers will come off. Merely clean up with a lint brush.
8. Clean sewing machine after sewing with plush to remove any loose fibers.

This past spring Jenny and the Fluffmonger gang were featured in UPPERCASE magazine Issue 33.

We will be sharing more from Jenny and Fluffmonger. Thank you for stopping by!

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