Scout Saturday Hygiene Felt Kits to Give

LK Scout S Hygiene Kits Label Feb 17 17

We are so pleased to introduce our first Scout Saturday with Laura Kelly. Laura is a passionate Scout Leader who has her group involved in many worthwhile activities. We will sharing every other Saturday projects that groups can make for community service, badges and of course for fun!

A big part of being involved in Girl Scouts is being in service to others. The promise states that Girl Scouts will live by a certain set of standards. Two of these standards that the girls commit to are using resources wisely and making the world a better place. Often when we travel, we end up with extra little bottles of shampoo and tiny bars of soap. When we go to the dentist, we always get new tooth brushes which we really don’t need because we have electric ones. Last year my troop earned their Bronze Awards by completing a service project that spread these items out in the form of hygiene kits through a local shelter. This year the girls wanted to take it a step further and instead of delivering our items in plastic baggies they opted to provide bags they would sew to hold them.


Hygiene kits are successfully made when they contain the following items:
Wash Cloth

Other items that are nice to add are:
Cotton Balls
Chap Stick

Kuni Group 6 x 9 inch Pieces

To create the darling felt bags you will only need a variety of colors of felt, scissors and a sewing machine. If you choose to add decorations (like the Ellison die-cut hearts on these), you will need a die-cut machine.

For each bag use one 9” by 12” craft cut of Kunin Classicfelt™. Cut the piece of felt in half.
For embellishments use complimentary colors of felt in the craft cuts.

Kunin Hygiene Kit Bags

Add your hearts to the fronts by stitching them on. Sew two of the halves together on the three sides, leaving the top open for the items to be inserted.

Once the items are placed in the bag, you can add little inspirational notes or simply deliver them as they are.

Hygiene Kits in Basket

Here are a few tips for collection items for your bags.

  1. Ask the families of the girls to send whatever they might have.
  2. Create a collection basket and place it in local community areas.
  3. Reach out to companies that manufacture supplies you need.
  4. Check with local hotels to see if they have any items they could donate.

This is a super rewarding project. I highly recommend it not only for scouts but for all kids. Making a difference in the world is something that is taught. The younger humans learn the value of giving, the more opportunity they have will grow their desire to be the change.

Cheers and Love,