Felt Flowers


I am sharing this design I did this week for Smoothfoam. The felt covers the foam beautifully and adheres with glue very nicely. What I also wanted to share were a couple of links to some of the felt flowers being seen all over. There are many types of flowers being used in hair accessories or larger versions on fabric covered canvas for the wall.

For this project.
You will need:
2” x 4” x 8” Smoothfoam Block
9” x 12” piece of Kunin Rainbow Classic Felt, 2 Aqua
9” x 12” piece of Kunin Fancifelt, 2 Moroccan
Buttons, white, 1-3/4”, 3-1/2”
Fabri-tac Glue by Beacon
Scissors, 3” circle template, ruler, pencil, paper, pins.

  1. From Aqua felt cut a 1 ½” by 12” strip, a 3” circle for flower base, cut ten 2” by 3”, seven 1 ¾” by 2 ½” and five 1 ½” by 2” rectangles. From the Moroccan felt cut a 3” circle for flower back, two 2” by 4” rectangles for the top and bottom of cube.
  2. Center Moroccan full piece of felt on 4” side of block. Glue in place. Wrap felt around block and glue. Glue rectangle pieces to top and bottom. Wrap Aqua strip around one end of block, 1 ½” from bottom. Glue at center back and narrow sides only leaving front open to slide photos in. Glue buttons to front. DQuarterFlowerBlockHowto-1
  3. Fold Aqua rectangles in half lengthwise. Cut a slight curve at one end and curve into center of fold at opposite end to create a petal shape with point. Repeat for all the rectangles. Photo 2 shows shape of petals.DQuarterFlowerBlockHowto-2
  4. To shape petals fold both sides of slight curved end to middle. Hold with fingers ½” from bottom and squeeze a small amount of glue into end. Press shut.
  5. Glue Aqua circle to wrong side of Moroccan circle. Begin gluing largest petals ½” from circle edge side by side. DQuarterFlowerBlockHowto-3
  6. Repeat with second layer of middle-sized petals placing the first petal centered with a large petal so the edges do not line up. Repeat for the smallest petals. Glue button to center. Glue flower to top of block or use hook and loop to allow removal of the flower. Finished size of flower is 7”.

To make a much larger flower simply cut a 9” by 12” piece in half and make the petal shape from each half piece. This will result in a flower that is approximately 18” to 20” in diameter.

Now for more flowers plus some little birdies and hopefully spring too! Cute and colorful flower with tutorial from Whipup. Sweet spring birdies from Edward and Lilly plus an explanation of why they prefer Eco-fi™ felt.  Be inspired, keep creating! Debra