Flower Bib Necklace

DQ Fin Bib Necklace Photo 1
Felt flowers are everywhere from hair bows to wall art. Wearable art pieces in the form of bib necklaces or scarves are my favourites. Many have a classic sophisticated look when created from one subdued shade of felt. I chose the new embossed felt Cobblestone in gray. The pattern and texture reminds me of leather or suede. Embellished with silver flower center studs it is a striking piece to pair with a sweater and dress it up!

You will need:
9” x 12” pieces of Kunin Embossfelt, 3 Cobblestone Gray
Studs or silver pearls, 8
Fabri-tac  Glue by Beacon
Grey ribbon, 1 yard
Scissors, 4”, 5”, 6” circle templates, ruler, pencil, paper, needle, quilting or upholstery thread, pins.

  1. From felt cut five 4”, 5” and 6” circles. Cut ribbon piece in half.
    DQ Flower Photo 2
  2. Each flower is comprised of three stacked circles. For each flower sew in 1” from edge of the smallest  4” circle. Pull stitches tight and secure. Stack a 5” and 6” circle. Sew in 2” from the 6” circle edge through both circles.  Pull stitches tight and secure.
  3. Glue smallest gathered circle to center of gathered larger circles. Glue brad or pearl to center of flower. Repeat for all five flowers.
  4. Arrange flowers on top of piece of paper in a curved shape overlapping edges by ½” to 1”. Take pencil and draw around outer edge of flowers for backing pattern. Remove flowers and draw 1” in from drawn shape. Cut out pattern. Cut pattern from felt.
    DQ Bib Photo 3
  5. Arrange flowers on felt back piece. Remove flowers and trim back piece again if needed. Glue flowers on back piece beginning with center flower.
    DQ Necklace Back 4
  6. Glue a ribbon end to each end of the back piece. Hold the flower bib up to see where else it needs gluing to lay flat.

With the many shades of felt this can be made to co-ordinate with different outfits. I love felt for its versatility and the ability for the beginner crafter or sewer to be pleased with their projects. It offers the more experienced sophisticated patterns and textures create a classic piece. Keep creating! Debra