Crafty Caterpillar!


Felt is everywhere from high fashion embellishments to some very fun and creative kid’s crafting. Felt is so versatile and just plain easy and enjoyable to work … no actually play with! Most of the paper crafting projects I have been seeing can have a similar version created in felt. This also makes them much sturdier.

On the blog today, paper chain inspired a caterpillar who can be as big and long as the kids want to make him. Use up scraps and or chooses the kid’s favorite colors of felt. Each 9” by 12” craft cut of felt will make six strips so two craft cuts will make a twelve loop bug. Mix up a few sheets of different colors and let the kids decide. They will learn about creating patterns as they lay out their caterpillar pieces. Let them “audition” or choose their pattern placing the flat strips side by side before gluing them together.  Mix and match felt solids with prints. I myself had fun with some of the new Fancifelts mixed with the Classic white.

You will need:
9″ x 12″ Fancifelt craft cuts, 1 Twinkle Heart Black, 1 Random Dot White and Red, 1 Midnight Swirl Red
9″ x 12″ Rainbow Classicfelt craft cut, 1 White
2 Wiggly Eyes
1 Chenille Stem, White
Fabri-tac  or Tacky Glue
Scissors, pencil, ruler.


  1. Cut 2″ by 9″ strips from each of the craft cuts. You will have enough strips to make approximately three caterpillars.
  2. From one heart strip cut out three hearts for nose and antenna. Cut a 2” by 2” and ½” by 2” piece from a red swirl strip. Round corners of rectangle.
  3. At center of one white strip glue eyes and heart nose for face. Poke two small holes 1” above eyes. Insert chenille stem through one hole and up through second hole. Twist ends of chenille stems and glue on hearts.
  4. Pinch center of bow rectangle and wrap small piece around center. Glue at back. Glue bow below antennae. Glue the ends of this face piece into a circle.
  5. Insert a strip through the first one and glue ends together. Repeat until the caterpillar is done. If it is a really long caterpillar, sections can be glued and then added together.

I am very fortunate to have very creative and fun friends. Laura Kelly, a licensed artist and designer with a playful style created a rainbow using Kunin felt. You can find it on her blog here.

Everyone needs a rainbow! Keep creating! Debra