Fast Fun Felt Pumpkin

Pumpkin season is by far one of my favorite seasons of the year and this fast fun felt pumpkin is a fun and different type of decoration to add to your collection. I love that the weather is getting cooler. I love that the leaves are beginning to change colors. This pumpkin can be made with any color of felt you would like so you can have a colorful collection of pumpkins. It’s so easy that even the kiddos can help!

Time: 1 hour
Skill Level: Easy

9” x 12” craft cut of Kunin Classic Felt in Black
1/2 yard bolt cut of Kunin Classic Felt in Charcoal
Fairfield World Poly-fil Fiber Fill
Fairfield World Poly-Pellets
Black yarn
Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks
Needle (I used an embroidery needle and a knitting needle)
Embroidery Floss (You could use yarn)

Fold the charcoal felt in half and then in half again. On the outside edge, cut a 1/4 of a circle.
Essentially, you want the felt to open up into a circle. You can kind of determine how big you want your pumpkin to be. The bigger the 1/4 circle, the bigger the pumpkin. The smaller the 1/4 circle, the smaller the pumpkin.

Open the felt circle, add the Poly-fil Fiber Fill to the center of the felt. Thread your embroidery floss (or yarn) in the needle and begin to thread the floss around the outside edges of the circle. TIP: Use large stitches.

Pull the thread tight so that the felt pulls up and around the fiber fill. Once it’s pulled up, pour the Poly-Pellets into the hole. This will add some weight to the bottom of the pumpkin so that it sits firm. Pull the thread tight and close the pumpkin up, sewing it closed.

Take a long piece of yarn, about 3 feet. Sew it to the bottom of the pumpkin and then begin to wrap it around the pumpkin, pulling a little snug to create the indentions. Sew or tie it to the bottom of the pumpkin.

With the yarn that is left over, insert the needle through the center of the pumpkin, from the
bottom to the top. Pull it through and then thread it back down through the pumpkin, pulling snug so that the top of the pumpkin is sunk inward to create a tuft.  Tie the yarn off at the bottom by tying it to the existing yarn.


From the black felt, cut a 1.5”x12” strip.  Lay it flat and roll it up to create the stem.  Using the hot glue gun and glue stick, glue the end down.  Hot glue the stem to the center of the pumpkin.  Ta da! You have created a fast fun felt pumpkin!

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin® Classicfelt and Kunin® Premiumfelt non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area. Find our complete collection online at

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