Teapot Cozy

By Laura Bray

Keep your teapot warm and cozy with this cute and modern teapot cozy! A few months ago, I created a French Press Cozy for coffee lovers, so this month, I wanted to help out my tea loving friends!



  1. Measure your teapot from the end of the spout to the edge of the handle. Add two inches to the measurement to allow for seam allowances.
  2. Measure your teapot from top to bottom and add two inches to the seam allowance.

  3. Draw a dome, to the size of your measurements, on a piece of parchment paper. This will be your pattern for the cozy.
  4. Using the pattern, cut four pieces of Black felt.

  5. Using the pattern, cut two pieces of thermal interfacing. Trim about 1” off the curved edge of the dome so that your seams aren’t too bulky.

  6. Using the pattern, cut two pieces of batting. Trim about 1” off the curved edge of the dome so that your seams aren’t too bulky.

  7. Die cut felt flowers from the White and Peacock felt. If you don’t have a die cut machine and a flower die, you can draw flowers free hand and cut them from felt.
  8. Hand sew the cut flower shapes onto one of the pieces of black felt you cut from the pattern. This will be the front piece of your teapot cozy.

  9. Sew two felt “sandwiches”, with two pieces of black felt on the outside and the interfacing and batting inside. When doing the front piece, make sure your floral design is facing out! You can use a sewing machine or hand sew for this step.
  10. Pin the sandwiches together, with the two blank felt pieces facing each other.

  11. Cut a seven-inch piece of ribbon, fold it in half to form a loop and slip it between the two sandwiches. Pin in place.
  12. Using a sewing machine, stitch around the two pieces, leaving the straight, bottom edge open.

  13. DONE! 

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin® ClassicfeltKunin® Premiumfelt and Corduroy non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area.

About Designer Laura Bray

Laura Bray lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, their daughter, and a guinea pig named Oreo. She loves to create beautiful and functional projects with felt. To see more of her felt creations, visit her blog at www.laurabraydesigns.com