Quick & Easy Faux Cactus

by Beth Watson

I do not have a green thumb at all – not even to keep a cactus alive – YIKES! So, I have created this trio of quick and easy faux cactus from Kunin Eco-fi® Classicfelt™ to incorporate into my home décor. I selected traditional colors, but think of the fun you could have with pops of bright colors, soothing pastels or even contemporary neutrals!


Here’s What You Will Need:

  • Kunin Eco-fi® Classicfelt™ 9” x 12” Craft Cuts – Olive; Kelly Green; Apple Green; Yellow; White; Shocking Pink and Fuchsia.
  • Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue
  • Terra Cotta Flower Pots – Two 3 ½ ”and One 2 ½”
  • Cactus Patterns
  • Chipboard; Pencil; Permanent Marker; Scissors; Embroidery Floss in greens and whites; Embroidery Needles; Pillow Stuffing; Skewer; Small Stones; three scraps of Styrofoam; Toothpicks; Pearls and/or Rhinestones.

Here’s How To Make It:

Download and print all three Cactus Patterns HERE. Cut out, trace on to chipboard, then cut out again.


I always start all my projects out with a sketch. It helps me organize my thoughts and build a materials list – plus it helps me really visualize how I want my final project to look. Sometimes I add color with pencils or markers and a list of materials.


Trace Saguaro Cactus twice onto Kunin Eco-fi® Classicfelt™ Apple Green, Prickly Pear Cactus twice onto Kunin® Eco-fi® ClassicFelt™ Olive and San Pedro Cactus twice onto Kunin Eco-fi® Classicfelt™ Kelly Green. Cut out all cactus shapes.

TIP: When using a maker to trace on to felt, remember to cut inside the lines so you end up with a clean finished product.


Thread six strands of contrasting embroidery floss on needle and place random straight stiches all over front of Prickly Pear Cactus. Thread six strands of contrasting embroidery floss on needle and place French knots all over front of Saguaro Cactus. Thread six strands of contrasting embroidery floss on needle and place rows of running stitches with random cross stitches all over front of San Pedro Cactus. These stiches should all resemble the cactuses needle patterns.


Pair up each set of cactus shapes, with stitch patterns facing out and blanket stitch side together with three strands of matching embroidery floss. Leave bottom open. Gently stuff each cactus with pillow stuffing, using a skewer to get stuffing into the smaller areas. If you don’t have pillow stuffing, cotton balls will work! Stitch all three openings closed.

01-17-bw-kunin-quick-and-easy-faux-cactus-january-5 01-17-bw-kunin-quick-and-easy-faux-cactus-january-6 01-17-bw-kunin-quick-and-easy-faux-cactus-january-7

Glue small Styrofoam ball to base of each terra cotta pot. Place two toothpicks into base of each cactus, secure with glue. Insert cactus into Styrofoam, secure with glue. Place small stones or gravel around base of cactus, filling up the terra cotta pot.

TIP: Small stones can be found in the flower decorating section of the craft store and are referred to as vase fillers.


Cut out small flower shapes from Kunin Eco-fi® Classicfelt™ Yellow, White and Fuchsia, stack flowers and attach to cactus with glue. Refer to photo for placement. Place pearl or rhinestone in center of flower for a bit of extra BLING!

01-17-bw-kunin-quick-and-easy-faux-cactus-january-9 01-17-bw-kunin-quick-and-easy-faux-cactus-january-10 01-17-bw-kunin-quick-and-easy-faux-cactus-january-11

Here are three detail shots of each cactus!

I hope you will use my Quick and Easy Faux Cactus as a jumping off point to showcase your Kunin Creativity to make a cactus pillow, cactus banner or even a cactus tote bag! Felt is an easy, versatile and forgiving medium which allows you to create trendy projects to incorporate into your home decor whether you are a beginner or an expert crafter!

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin Eco-fi Classicfelt; Eco-fiPlus™ Premiumfelt and ShaggiChic non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area.

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth