Harry Potter Glasses

We are heading to Universal Orlando’s Harry Potter World over fall break and Halloween this year and so everything around here is magical.  I created these fun things to take with us on our trip and am so excited to share them with you here on the Kunin blog!  Each of my girls asked for a handmade rag doll of their favorite character to use for photos around the park!  I didn’t use a specific pattern but instead drew out a body shape and just cut and sewed. (There is a Pinterest Board, link at end of blog post below with several doll patterns and tutorials for you to choose from.)  Eco-fi brand felt is so awesome to work with for this.  Check out the first two dolls.  I sewed Harry for my husband and Luna Lovegood for Jordan.


I made them each matching glasses too.  These are great for a photo booth or to go with a costume for Halloween.


I doodled a pattern for you to use if you want to make some too.  You will need the pattern, 9” x 12” craft cuts ofEco-fi® Classicfelt™, cardboard, glue and an 18” stick or dowel. Download the Glasses Pattern here.


Cut your felt out and then cut cardboard to adhere to the back to make it super stiff.  Add a long stick so you can hold them up to your face.


I can’t wait to share about our trip to Harry Potter World and how we use these fun handmade items.  It is going to be a crazy, awesome and magical time.  Between now and then, I have a Jenny Weasley doll to make! Want to find out more about Harry Potter World, check it out! https://www.universalorlando.com/harrypotter

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