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I have been a Girl Scout for almost forty years and am more and more thankful for the lessons I have learned as I grow older (not necessarily grow up!). SO many new things have been added to the Girl Scout programs, each special and unique. The exchanging of SWAPS is one of my favorites. I know, you are probably wondering what is are SWAPS.  Well, they are Special.Whatchamatcallits.Affectionately.Pinned.Somewhere.  In everyday terms, a SWAP is a small handmade crafty item (often made with a pin) that Girl Scouts exchange with each other upon meeting at events and camps.  Here is a really cute one that we came up with using some of our favorite supplies…felt and ribbon!


To make this adorable SWAP, you will need the following:



9” x 12” Kunin Eco-fi Classicfelt pieces in Bright Colors
• White Thread (hand quilting works best)
• Needle
• Green with White Polka Dotted Grosgrain Ribbon
• Assorted Buttons
• Safety Pins
• Typed Messages (cut in strips)

1. Cut your felt into little layered flower pieces. (Approximately 1-2 inches)

2. Stack your felt with buttons and the ribbon and stitch together.
3. Attach a small safety pin and a typed message.

Ta Da!


Super cute and fun, right?
Cheers and happy SWAPS,

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