Beware of Flying Brooms Banner

by Katie Berry

Halloween is a little over a month away and I am super excited to get started decorating! Aside from Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for! I love scary decor but I also love cute décor. This Beware of Flying Brooms Banner will look great during the Halloween holiday, especially with suspended broom sticks on the porch!

Materials used:

  • 12” x 18” craft cut of Kunin Premiumfelt™ (1) Olive
  • 9” x 12” craft cut of Kunin Classicfelt™ (1) Black, (1) Pumpkin Spice
  • Cut of 36″ x 20 yards bolt of Kunin Classicfelt™ Walnut
  • Black Ribbon
  • Beacon Felt Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks
  • 12” x .5” x .25” piece of wood
  • Letter templates (I cut my letters out using an electronic cutting machine and then used them as a template to hand cut the letters from Black felt.
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Mat, Cutting Ruler and Rotary Cutter

How to make it:
1. Cut the Olive 12” x 18” down to 12” x 15”.

2. Using letter templates, cut the letters from black felt. (I cut mine to look a little spooky and witch like)

3. For the broom:

  • Cut a broomstick from the walnut felt.
  • For the straw of the broom, cut a 1.5” x 4” piece of Pumpkin Spice felt. Make 1” cuts on one side of the felt all the way to the end, so that it looks like fringe.
  • Place the broomstick on the top part of the straw part, glue with felt glue and then roll the straw up all the way until it’s completely rolled up.

4. Lay everything out of the 12” x 15” piece of Olive felt and then glue everything down in place.

5. Once the glue is dry, turn the Olive felt over and glue down the piece of wood.

6. Glue the black ribbon to the stick so that you can hang it up!

Hope that you like this Beware of Flying Brooms Banner. I’m so excited to decorate for Halloween!

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin Eco-fi ClassicfeltEco-fiPlus™ Premiumfelt and ShaggiChicnon-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area.

Happy Crafting,
Katie Berry

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