All about the Accessories!

DQ Jan 9 KBP Beauty Shot 1

I am Anaheim bound, leaving the snow and cold behind for a few days. The week leading up to CHA is filled with last minute details. Mine included a lot of Kunin felt! The main accessory every day is the required name badge ID. Not the most flattering of neck ware. It also lends itself to being embellished and decorated.

I had saved a brown canvas badge holder given to me a couple years ago which has a pocket for business cards and phone. Felt is an ideal choice for a quick redo. No edges to fray and glues beautifully with Fabri-tac. Just cut pieces to fit and glue in place. I covered the holder with black felt first.

Now originally my flower had plain ivory with black blanket stitch edging.DQ BP Jan 9 Beauty Shot 2

My outfits chosen for the show include black and cream with punches of red, aqua and purple. The ivory flower just looked too boring. Since the assembly is just basic heart shapes and I wanted it bigger, it was an easy fix. I cut more petals from ivory, cut 1/8″ smaller petals from red, aqua, pink felt. Layered the petals in pairs. Blanket stitched around each petal. Inserted the colored petals in between the ivory petals. Added larger colored petals to the bottom of the flower.
DQ BP Jan 9 How to
To make the flower:
1. Cut the  heart shaped petals, each layer being slightly larger by a 1/2″. For each layer cut four to five petals.
2. Embellish the edges with a hand stitch, machine sewing or a fabric paint.
3. Pinch end of each petal and glue to the next in the top layer.
4. Continue adding larger layers of petals gluing to the center underneath the first layer.
5. Glue a pretty button center and add a pin back.

Now my badge holder will accent my outfits every day as you can’t get anywhere unless you are wearing your badge.

Now on to a matching crown! I will be demoing a fun crown project in the Kunin Booth #501 . Next blog post, from the show! Can’t wait to meet up with the great Kunin people and share with you all the crafty fun from the show floor! Keep creating! Debra