Little Red Truck Felt Hoop

Little Red Truck Christmas Tree Hoop

By Katie Berry

Christmas is near and everyone is out buying a Christmas tree. Whether they put it on the top of their car or in the back of a truck, the little red truck with the Christmas tree in the back is an adorable picture! It’s really popular, being painted, cut from wood or embroidered. I decided to create one with felt!!! So, I made an adorable little red truck with a Christmas tree hoop art.

Skill Level: Beginner + Simple Embroidery
Completion Time: 1 hour

Little Red Truck Supplies

Materials used:
9” x 12” Craft Cut of KuninFelt Classic: (1) Brown, (1) Black, (1) White
9” x 12” Craft Cut of Kunin Felt Corduroy: (1) Red
8” Embroidery Hoop
Little Red Truck with Christmas Tree PDF
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Fabric Marker
Green Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle
Multi Colors Tianna Beaded Pom Pom Trim from Expo International
White Lorlana Baby Pompom Fringe Trim from Expo International

How to make it:

1. Open the embroidery hoop and place a 9” x 12” craft cut of KuninFelt Classic in White in the hoop. Close the hoop, tighten and pull the felt taut. Trim the excess felt from the back.

Little Red Truck Hoop Creation

2. Cut the pattern pieces out. Place them on the felt and cut the felt using the pattern pieces. TIP: Cut the windows, door handle and middle of the tires using the pattern as a guide.

Little Red Truck Felt Pieces

3. Using the hot glue gun, hot glue the pieces together and onto the white felt.

4. Using the “Merry Christmas” from the pattern and a washable fabric marker, place it beneath the hoop and trace the letters onto the white felt below the truck.

5. With your needle and green embroidery floss, do a basic chain stitch to create the words.

Merry Christmas Stitching - Little Red Truck

6. Cut the Tianna Beaded PomPom trim so that the little balls and gold beads are free from the string. Hot glue them to the tree.

Tree ornaments - Little Red Truck

Trim - little red truck

7. Attach the white Lorlana PomPom trim to the outside of the hoop using the hot glue gun.

White Trim - Little Red Truck

8. Tie a piece of ribbon around the screw at the top of the hoop and hang.

Finished Hoop - Little Red Truck

Hope you enjoy this Little Red Truck with a Christmas Tree Hoop Art. I love making hoop art and had a lot of fun!

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin® Classicfelt; Kunin® Premiumfelt and Corduroy non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area.

Happy Crafting,
Katie Berry

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