Flower Garden Hair Clip Organizer

Laura Bray

LB Hair Clip Holder March 2 Photo 1

The organization of my daughter’s hair clip collection has always been a constant battle at our house.  I’m pretty sure hair clips multiply by themselves when I’m not looking. I created a plaque to display her hair clips (because most of them are pretty darn cute) and organize them at the same time.  My hair clip organizer is designed to hang on a wall, so it doesn’t even take up precious counter space!  Any little girl would love getting this for a gift-maybe with a few hair clips attached?  Moms will be pretty happy when this gift comes into the house too!


  • Wood plaque
  • Paint
  • Felt
  • Ribbon-3 pieces, cut to 15 inches
  • Buttons-Buttons Galore, Granny’s Button Box, Stitched Buttons
  • Stapler
  • Hanging supplies.  Either a picture hanging kit or adhesive wall strips.

LB Hair Clip Holder March 2 Photo 2


  1. Sand and paint the wood plaque. Allow to dry completely.
  2. While the plaque is drying, start making felt flowers.  I showed you last month how to make felt flowers.
  3. Once your flowers are complete, sew buttons into the middle of them.
  4. Glue the felt flowers onto the painted, wood plaque.
  5. If you want to, you can also add leaves-just cut out some ovals from green felt and tuck them in.
  6. Turn the plaque over.  Staple the ends of the ribbons to the bottom edge of the plaque. Make sure the ribbon design faces forward if applicable.
  7. Hang on the wall and add all those pretty hair clips!

LB Hair Clip Holder March 2 Photo 3

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