DIY Felt Pet Costumes on Parade

We have had a fun month with our Design Team sharing their adorable pets and creative, quick and clever costumes! Several of these beloved pets are rescues who now have loving homes and they are just the sweetest pets ever. We just had to share all of these superstar pets again and add in the talented Jonathan Fong’s adorable pair Fosse and Gershwin! All of these are DIY pet costumes with links to the full tutorials.

Oh, sweet sunflower Rosie, owned by Mark, VP of Sales with Kunin. Rosie, a rescue pup, is quite the little lady! She was the perfect model for this quick and easy Sunflower costume. Rosie sat quietly, had some special treats and had her fifteen minutes of fame while chewing on leaves in the garden! Tutorial.


With Berry as a last name Piper had to be a strawberry of course! Tutorial. (

Jonathan Fong “designs interiors, florals, crafts, weddings, events and graphics.” He also loves to inspire people to create for themselves. I am very fortunate to have met Jonathan several years ago and he is the nicest guy and super talented. He also has the two cutest pups Fosse and Gershwin who are perfect models! You can find Jonathan at Jonathan Fong Style. (

(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Fong)

This turkey costume could not be any more festive or fun for this fall season! Jonathan knows how to use our felt, he is a felt craft star!

Of course, every dog is a super hero! Tutorial. (

(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Fong)

Can you just picture Thanksgiving with your pup greeting everyone dressed as a pilgrim. Oh, the photo ops for that gathering!

Finn is the most darling ladybug ever! Tutorial. (

(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Fong)

These leprechauns, how lucky are we to get to share this pair of pups.

We may have several pups on parade, but we can’t leave out Design Team member Laura Bray’ Candy Corn Guinea Pig! Tutorial.


Laura also offers some tips on pets and costumes.
Just like people, some animals don’t like to be dressed-up. Be respectful of your pet’s comfort levels!

• Try the costume out and let your pet get used to it before you show him/her off to strangers or in party situations.
• Don’t let pets eat candy!

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