Snowflake Tree Skirt

By Laura Bray

Every Christmas tree deserves a beautiful, cozy skirt. It’s easy to make one from felt. Just adjust the size you based on your tree size. I sewed a skirt for a mini-tree, so my skirt measures 12”, but with Kunin’s felt by the yard, you can make a tree skirt measuring even larger-even one that will fit a full sized tree.

LKB Tree Skirt Photo 1


  • Kunin Eco-fi Plus Premium™ felt in Red and White
  • Sewing supplies
  • White ball trim
  • Sizzix Big Shot™ Machine & Eileen Hull’s Flower Layers with Heart Petals Die
  • Rhinestone stickers


1. Decide on the size of the tree skirt. The skirt shown is 12” in diameter. Fold a piece of red felt in half and draw a half circle, measuring 6” in diameter. If you are making a larger tree skirt, just calculate half the length of the total diameter of your skirt. For a 36” diameter skirt, the half circle would measure 18”.
2. Cut the half circle out, and unfold. You should have a 12” circle.
3. Mark the center of the skirt, then cut a slit in the skirt up to the center mark. This will allow you to get the skirt around the tree. Cut a smaller circle in the center that will make room for the tree trunk.
4. Pin ball fringe around edge of the skirt.
5. Using the Sizzix Big Shot Machine and the flower die, cut flowers from white felt.
6. Once you have the number of flowers you want cut, turn them into snowflakes! First fold the flower in half once and then fold it in half again.

LKB Tree Skirt Photo 2

7. Cut triangles the long sides, being careful not the cut to close to the top or the bottom of the flower. (This is just like cutting paper snowflakes!) Unfold to see your beautiful snowflake!

LKB Tree Skirt Photo 3

8. Scatter the snowflakes around the tree skirt and glue them down.
9. For extra sparkle, place rhinestone stickers around the snowflakes.

LKB Tree Skirt Photo 4