Baby Yoda Embroidery Hoop Pocket

Keep all those Mandalorian memories together in one place with a Baby Yoda Embroidery Hoop Pocket craft. Quick and easy to make with limited supplies. Kunin® Classic™ Felt is recycled from water bottles, is durable and perfectly suited for use in an embroidery hoop.

Time:  30 Minutes

Skill Level:  Beginner



To begin the Baby Yoda Embroidery Hoop Pocket, gather all supplies. Loosen the screw at the top of the wooden embroidery hoop and separate the inner ring from the outer ring. 


Layer the Sandstone Kunin® Classic™ Felt on top of the Neon Green Kunin® Classic™ Felt, so that 4” of the Neon Green is at the top and 3” of the Sandstone is at the bottom. Place the inner hoop underneath the layered felt. Fit the felt loosely into the outer ring of the embroidery hoop. Pull felt gently from the back to ensure the felt is taught and then tighten the screw at the top of the hoop.


Trim the excess felt from the back of the embroidery hoop with scissors. Kunin® Classic™ Felt Craft Cuts are perfect for crafting because when cut they will not fray like traditional material. Apply a thin line of hot glue to the cut edge of the felt to secure it to the hoop. This will prevent the felt from pulling out of the embroidery hoop.


Paint the top of the outside and front edge of the embroidery hoop with Sour Apple acrylic paint. Set aside to dry. Apply a second coat, if necessary. Paint the bottom of the outside and front edge of the embroidery hoop with Fawn acrylic paint. Set aside to dry. Apply a second coat, if necessary.


Download, print and roughly cut out the BANY YODA PATTERNS. Attach the ears to Neon Green felt and the collar to the Sandstone felt with straight pins. Cut out two ears and one collar with scissors. If working with younger kids, cut out patterns and trace onto felt with a dark marker.


Place a small dot of hot glue at the base of each ear and fold partially in half. Glue the ears to the top right and top left of the embroidery hoop, using the metal screw as your center point.


To complete the Baby Yoda Embroidery Hoop Pocket, add the details. Slide a piece of scrap paper into the pocket so that the glue doesn’t seep through. Attach the collar to the top edge of the Sandstone felt pocket with a glue gun and glue sticks. Using the brown dimensional fabric paint, outline the collar and draw on a few folds to mimic the look of the fabric. If giving as a gift you can finish the back with a circle of neon green or tan craft felt.

I hope you will use my Baby Yoda Pocket Hoop project as a jumping off point to showcase your Kunin® Creativity and create a fun accessory to encourage your kiddos to save their keepsakes somewhere special.  Felt is an easy to use, versatile, and forgiving medium which allows you to create affordable but stylish projects whether you are a beginner or an expert crafter!

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin® Classicfelt and Kunin® Premiumfelt  non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area. Also widely available online at and Amazon. Also at major retailers in store and online, Michaels, JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores, Hobby Lobby.

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