Make a Felt Mushroom Fairy House

It is the summer season and I love decorating the outside with whimsical decor for my grandlittle girls. Kunin Felt is weather resistant so perfect for a Felt Mushroom Fairy House. A few weeks ago I shared my tiny felt mushrooms, the house is just a bigger version. Basically you can make it any size you want!

Time:  1 Hour
Skill Level:  Beginner
House Sizes: 6″, 14″


  • Kunin® Classics™ Felt 9” x 12” Craft Cuts – (In your choice of colors) Baby Pink, Lagoon, Lemon Frost, Minty (accent colors used for small house and large house as shown)
  • Kunin® Premium™ Felt – (large house) 12″ x 18″ craft cut Red, 2/3 yard White; (small house) 12″ x 18″ craft cut in White
  • Fairfield World polyester batting
  • E6000 Fabri-Fuse Liquid Fabric Glue or Beacon Fabri-tac
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Embroidery floss and buttons in co-ordinating colors, needle
  • Scissors, regular and optional Pinking or Scalloped
  • Ruler
  • Chalk Marker or Pencil
  • Circle templates 1″, 3″, 5″, 10″ and 12″
  • Cardboard roll 5″ in height and 10-12″ in height (Can use a round plastic container with 4″ diameter.


Small House: Cut a 4″ by 12″ strip of white for main house. Cut a 5″ circle for roof and a 3″ circle for roof lining. Cut a 2″ oval door and a 1″ heart for mushroom fairy house.

Large House; Cut a 12″ x 36″ strip for main house. Cut a 10″ roof lining from white and 1″ white polka dot circles. Cut a white circle 5″ in diameter for bottom of mushroom fairy house and 2 and 1/2″ half circle window. Cut a 12″ circle for the roof and 2 and 1/2″ heart from red. Cut a 3.5″ by 6″ oval door.


The roof for the house is the same technique used for the Mini Mushroom. Make a cut to center on the top of roof.


Overlap slit to create cone shape and glue.


Center and glue roof lining around edges leaving an opening. Stuff opening. Glue shut.


Glue long strip of felt to cone. Begin rolling.


Finish rolling and glue seam.


Now the fun parts of personalizing your Mushroom Fairy House. I like to do everything as easy as possible but still look cute! For me I embroider the small accent pieces like the hearts and doors first. Then I glue them on to the house. (Shhh don’t tell anyone 🙂

The large Mushroom Fairy House roof looks like this underneath. Notice mine is not perfect but every mushroom is different.


On the large house glue white 1″ felt circles or buttons to roof.

I embellished the large door a little more with a half circle window.


On large house glue door at bottom with heart over the door.


Glue 5″ circle to bottom of house.


Add roof to house. Center and glue in place. The felt is weather resistant so this can be outdoor garden decor, just make sure the center is plastic, not cardboard. Also for weight add poly-pellets to the container if outside. Now how cute is this for my granddaughters playhouse garden. Have fun making your very own Felt Mushroom Fairy House!

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin® Classicfelt and Kunin® Premiumfelt  non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area. Also widely available online at and Amazon. Both online and in store at major retail partners, JOANN, Michaels and Hobby Lobby!

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