Fabulous Felt Artists

We are always amazed by what is created from our felt. Sharing the art of two fabulous felt artists Sam Sidney and Lucy Sparrow. Inspired by the world around them, they recreate their vision in felt.

Sam Sidney

Sam Sidney lives in Charlotte with her family. She was recently featured in Charleston Inside Out and began working with felt during quarantine. She promised to do an art project a day with her kids and her creations an instant hit! “I am inspired by my family and our home.  We live a colorful and creative life.  I am inspired by clean lines, good design, bright colors, and thoughtful details.  Good design is all around us, from household items, to children’s, toys; it is easy to be inspired.  There is always an opportunity to be creative, I hope that is something that my kids remember.” (Photos and Excerpt The English Room)

Sam creates many wonderful felt portraits. Her favorite is below, Carman Miranda. The layering of her pieces creating the details all come together into these unique portraits. To view more of her work follow her on Instagram. She is represented in Charlotte at Shain Gallery where the pieces sell as quickly as they get them.

Lucy Sparrow

Lucy Sparrow of the UK recreates everyday objects in felt and expresses through her installations her views on the present world. The detail of her pieces are incredible and fans line up around the block to purchase her creations. Look at this Skippy Peanut Butter! (Photo Lucy Sparrow IG)

“In May 2017, Lucy undertook her first solo show in the US, opening The Convenience Store, a New York bodega stocked with 9,000 felted artworks. Scheduled to run for a month, the store was an instant hit, selling out in just over two weeks to a constant stream of art lovers, most of whom had queued for an hour to visit the store. The bodega dominated the NYC art scene, appearing in coverage everywhere from the New York Times to the massive TV screens on Times Square.”

Read more about this installation here. (Excerpt and Photos from The Colossal)

We hope you have been inspired as much as we are by these two Fabulous Felt Artists Sam Sidney and Lucy Sparrow. You can follow them both on Instagram, Lucy @sewyoursoul and Sam @samsidney.

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