Felt Bunny Slippers

By Laura Bray

LB Bunny Slippers A

The weather is getting cooler and feet are getting chilled. It’s time to make some quick and easy felt slippers. These slippers are custom fitted and can be embellished with any design, so make one for everyone in your family. Make a couple of one size fits all and give them to house guests too.


  • Felt
  • Basic sewing supplies

LB Bunny Slippers Photo B

Instructions to make felt bunny slippers:

1. Using one of the shoes of the slipper recipient, trace the bottom of the shoe onto cardstock. This will be your pattern for the sole of the slipper.

LB Bunny Slippers Photo C
2. Using the pattern, cut four soles from your felt.
3. Sew two of the soles together for each slipper, making sure you have a slipper for the right and left feet. These can be hand sewn with a whip stitch or you can use a sewing a machine.
4. Cut two pieces of felt, measuring 6” x 3” wide. These will form the top strap of the slipper. Everyone has different sized feet (some more “puffy” than others), so I recommend taking a measuring tape and double checking if the length is a good size. The width may also need to be made smaller if you are making a slipper for a small child. My slipper sole, from toe to heel, measured 7.5” so the ratio comes out to approximately 2.5 to 1 for the strap.
5. To make a bunny slipper, use the bunny carousel template found on this post: http://laurabraydesigns.com/bunny-carousel. Or cut another shape of your choice from felt. Get creative!
6. Embroider and embellish the bunny, then sew it onto the top strip of the slipper.
7. Pin the top straps of the slipper to the sole at about 1” inch from the toe of the slipper.

LB Bunny Slippers Photo D
8. Sew the straps onto the soles.

The first set of slippers takes a bit of trial and error, so make sure you write down all the measurements and keep the sole patterns for each family member. This will make future pairs of slippers quicker and easier to make.

Safety Tip: Felt can be slippery on wood and tile floors, so be cautious when walking on slippery surfaces. Puffy paint, applied to the bottoms of your slippers, can help give a little grip to the soles.