DIY Felt Love Handprint Banners

DIY Felt Love Handprint Banner

DIY Felt Love Handprint Banner

Crafting with kids is the best, this DIY Felt Love Handprint Banner was a special project I did with my grandlittle girls. We used their hands as a pattern and cut hands out of all the colors of the rainbow and skin colors. It was an opportunity to also have a conversation while crafting.

Time:  1 -2 hours

Skill Level:  Beginner



Cut even angles at the bottom of Premium White craft cut for banner. Save scraps.


Draw around hand as template. Cut from paper. Use pattern to draw around hand in all the felt colors. Cut a heart from Red for the top of banner.


Let your child arrange hands in the pattern they would like on the banner. My little girls opted for the heart in the center on one with the hands all holding it. We had an interesting conversation while creating these. The girls chose a ribbon color to wind in around their hands and added some appliques. (Optional) Making their banner uniquely personal.


Use white triangle scraps to create a casing on the back to insert dowel. I found just the ribbon as shown did not allow the Handprint banner to hang properly. All those little hands were heavy!

We added a rainbow applique to the middle of one banner and used Baker’s Twine to create a tassel at the bottom of this cute DIY Felt Love Handprint Banner.

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