6 Felt Crafts for Kids

Summer means the kids are home from school. There are many outdoor fun activities and camps to keep them happy and busy. Non-screen and creative outdoor activities are at the top of a list of ways to spend the summer. I always crafted with my girls and now my grandlittle girls, on a nice day we set up at the picnic table on the deck.

With all of the great portable storage container selections you can put together a on the go crafty station. Add basic supplies like scissors, glue, felt, buttons, twine, wiggly eyes, ribbon scraps, pom poms and chenille stems. Paper and pencils, markers and pin backs are a few other handy items to add along with hand wipes.

At Kuninfelt.com we have a project page. (https://www.kuninfelt.com/project-page/) There are several projects for kids all with a printable page. Just print off and take shopping with you and use as a step by step guide when crafting. Encourage the kids to choose their felt colors from the racks. Pick up a few extra and with your basic crafty kit you can make any of featured projects!

I have chosen six favorites. Not only are these fun to craft outside but encourage the kids to share or use in outdoor adventures. Creativity is inherently important to both physical and mental skills for children. Their self esteem is nurtured in their ability to make something all by themselves. The felt is an ideal material for small hands, it is a quality product and will give them a finished project that is sturdy. Give them quality tools for their success, ceramic scissors by Slice are safe for kids but are also sharp enough to cut felt easily. Start them on the road to crafting success when they are young, and you will have happy crafty kids who will be making their own costumes and holiday gifts when they are older!

The perennial Sock Monkey, this coin purse can hold treat money, special little toys or outdoor finds like an acorn or pretty rock.

Flower pins, after a nature walk observing flowers and leaves have the kids make a pin with the colors they noticed or liked best on their adventure. Pin to their backpack or hoodie.

This Cupcake pin is another fun project, think of all the color possibilities. This could be part of a baking afternoon making actual cupcakes. Attach a pin to a small gift box and give it to someone special as a surprise!

This simple bag can be a planter but also hold a picked bouquet of wildflowers, nature gatherings or a mini rock collection. Kids are always collecting items. This would be the perfect bag for it!

Oh, these felt binoculars are just too darn cute. Make them and then send the little adventurers off exploring!

This gnome lays flat for easy crafting and can be personalized in so many ways. Make a group of them and then hide them around the yard for a game of “bring the Gnome Home.”

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin® ClassicfeltKunin® Premiumfelt and Corduroy non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area.

Now that you are inspired, it is “Hello Summer” and crafty times ahead for the kids! Just pop by our project page. (https://www.kuninfelt.com/project-page/)

Thank you for stopping by!