DIY Easter Bunny Felt in the Classroom

Have fun this Easter with this simple DIY Easter Bunny craft! What I love about this craft is the limited number of materials you need. You can make this craft with a simple Styrofoam cup, pipe cleaners, paint, and Kunin Felt. This craft will get you in the mood for spring and Easter and kids will love it, too! Let’s grab our supplies and let’s get started!

You will need:

  • 9″ x 12” craft cuts Kunin® Classicfelt™ : 1 Ocean Blue and 1 Candy Pink
  • 9″ x 12” craft cuts Kunin® Coordinates: 1 Gold Metallic Dot on White
  • 2 Styrofoam Cups
  • Pipe Cleaners: 4 White, 4 Pink
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint – Color in Pictures: Salem Blue

1. Cut the ears, feet, and nose for your Easter bunny using the 9″ x 12” craft cuts of felt. It helps if you create a template on cardstock, ears are a 4” oval, nose 2” and feet are halves of a 3” circle. Trace pattern piece onto each piece of felt using a Sharpie marker. Cut the ears, feet, and nose in each desired color of 9″ x 12” craft cuts of Kunin® using a pair of fabric scissors.

2. Adhere a pipe cleaner around the outer edge of your bunny’s ears. I recommend using a hot glue gun for this step. It is important to note that one side of each ear has a longer strand of pipe cleaner extended from each bunny ear. This will be used to secure each ear into your Styrofoam cup.

3. Push the pipe cleaners into the top of your Styrofoam cup. If you choose to paint your Styrofoam cup, I recommend painting it before you insert the ears. The color shown is Salem Blue.

4. Adhere the nose of your bunny using a hot glue gun. Add eyes, eyebrows, and a mouth to your Styrofoam cup using a permanent marker.

5. Insert pipe cleaners into the bottom portion of your cup and bend them to make it looks like your bunny is sitting. Adhere the feet of your bunny to the pipe cleaners using hot glue.

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin® ClassicfeltKunin® Premiumfelt and Corduroy non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area.

View the pdf instructions here or our Project Page for more pdfs.

Happy Crafting with Kunin® Felt!

Chad Boender
FB: Male Kindergarten Teacher
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