Happy Easter Treat Envelopes

By Katie Berry

Easter is around the corner and it’s always a fun time to craft! My kids still get Easter Baskets, but this little Happy Easter Treat Envelope would be perfect for older kids, teachers, or just because! It is pretty easy and can be filled with all kinds of small treats, toys or gift cards.

Materials Used:

  • 9” x 12” craft cut of KuninFelt Classics: (1) Ocean Blue, (1) Minty
  • 9” x 12” craft cut of KuninFelt Cooridnates: (1) White Dot on Lagoon
  • 9” x 12” craft cut of KuninFelt Corduroy: (1) Orange, (1) Yellow
  • Laptop
  • Cricut Explore, Mat
  • White Iron On
  • Cricut Easy Press
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Mat, Cutting Ruler and Rotary Cutter
  • Beacon Felt Glue
  • Sewing Machine
  • Google Eyes
  • Adhesive Velcro Circles

How I Made It:

1. Using the cutting mat, cutting ruler and rotary cutter, I cut rectangles at 7” x 12”.

2. To create the envelope, I folded my felt leaving about 1.5 inch at the top. That 1.5 inch is for the flap of the envelope.

3. Holding everything in place, I sewed the sides of my envelope closed.

4. Once my sides were sewn, I cut the flap part of my felt, giving it a round edge.

4. Using my laptop, Cricut Explore, mat and white iron on material, I cut the sayings “Happy Easter Landon!” and “Happy Easter Benjamin!” I used my Cricut Easy Press to adhere those sayings to the front of my envelopes.

5. Freehanded, I cut out half of an egg from the White Dot on Lagoon Coordinates felt and the chick, wings and beak from the Yellow and Orange Corduroy felt.

6. I used Beacon felt glue to glue the chick, wings, google eyes and egg in place on the front of the envelope.

7. I cut my Velcro circles in half and put them in place on the flap and the back of the envelope! I made to sure to put them on both ends of the flap so that it would be secure and keep the flap down. Tip: I put the two pieces of Velcro together before I put it in place so that it lines up on the opposite side.

Now that it is complete, it gets filled with yummy Easter treats! I know my kids will love these treat filled Happy Easter Treat Envelopes! I hope you like them too!

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin® ClassicfeltKunin® Premiumfelt and Corduroy non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area.

Happy Crafting,
Katie Berry

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