Girl Scout Bunk Pockets aka Scarves

Sometimes a project turns into so much more than planned. This is one of those projects. Every time our Girl Scout troop goes camping, the girls tend to lose their flashlights at night under the bunks and around the tents or cabins. I created these bunk pockets to be a solution. On one end they have a pocket for their flashlights, on the other a place to keep other things like water bottles and lanyards while they sleep. I made one for each Girl Scout and they loved them immediately, thinking they were scarves with a place to keep their hands warm in the pockets. BONUS!

Kunin Group Felt Scarves

To make these darling bunk pockets/scarves, you will need lots of felt and a sewing machine. I love that Kunin Felt has felt by the yard in so many beautiful colors. I chose Hunter Green to go with the whole camping/outdoor theme.

Kunin Group Felt for Bunk Pockets

You will need the following for EACH one:

  • 6” x 60” Kunin Classicfelt™ (the width of the bunk 36” plus 24”, 12” for each end)
  • 6” x 8” Kunin Classicfelt™ pieces, 2 for pockets
  • 9” x 12” craft cuts Kunin Classicfelt pieces, variety of colors for Decorative Die Cuts
  • Ellison Dies and Die-Cut Machine
  • Flower Die, Flower and Leaves from Woodland Mask Die

Kunin Group Bunk Pocket 2

How to:

  1. Cut your felt (Large Piece and Pockets).
  2. Cut decorative die cuts.
  3. Sew decorations on to pocket pieces.
  4. Sew pockets to the ends of the long strip.

Ta Da!

Kunin Group Bunk Pockets

Whether used as a scarf or a bunk pocket, this project is a great addition to the packing list for camping!

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin Eco-fi Classicfelt; Eco-fiPlus™ Premiumfelt and ShaggiChic non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area.