How to Make a Santa Hat Pet Bed

The holidays are almost here and everyone is decorating! Have a pet, our How to Make a Santa Hat Pet Bed is the perfect way to keep your cat or small dog cozy and festive! I designed this for my cat Rory.

This super cute Santa Hat pet bed is super easy to make, about an hour and uses a laundry basket from the dollar store.

Time: 1 Hour
Skill Level: Beginner

You will need:
1 and a 1/3 yards Kunin Plush Felt: Red
1 and 1/2 yards Kunin Plush Felt: White
Laundry Basket, round, 13″ high
Large white Pom Pom
Glue gun and adhesive
Scissors, clips or pins, scissors to cut plastic.

Step One
Use scissors to cut out opening as shown. Trim edges smoothly. They will be covered for extra safety.

Step Two
Take the white plush felt and inset with plush side up into basket. Let drape over edge of basket and trim leaving about two inches hanging over. Lift plush up from bottom of basket and glue turning basket as you go. Press firmly in place.

Step Three
Glue gathers evenly around edge of basket overlapping edges at opening. Cut through opening leaving an extra inch all around. Cut into corners and fold over to front of basket and glue in place.

Step Four
Wrap red plush felt around outside of basket. It will overlap about a half inch. Glue this overlap to top of basket.

Step Five
With edges together hold the remaining red plush straight up and cut at an angle from the back as shown. At peak this measures about 32″. The front fold will be uncut. Glue edges together. The weight of the plush makes it fall perfectly to the side to make a Santa hat.

Step Six
Carefully cut out opening, cut into corners and glue to inside.

Step Seven
From the remaining white felt cut a strip 12″ by 45″ and a 12″ by 8″. Fold to create a 5″ wide plush band for a Santa Hat Pet Bed. Glue the two pieces together and wrap around outside edge of basket. Trim off any excess.

Step Eight
To create bottom or cushion for bed, cut two circles using basket as measurement from red or white plush. Glue circles right sides out together. Glue to bottom of bed or simply place under bed. Add pom pom!

Rory loves his Santa Hat Pet Bed and it makes a fun addition to the Holiday decor! Of course he had to have his name on the bed too!

TIP: You can use elastic if you prefer to make the bed pieces removable but you can spot clean this easily. The plush felt is colorfast and very durable. Our felt products are made from recycled plastic water bottles.

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