Make a Father’s Day Card

Hello Crafters!

I am happy to share Make a Father’s Day Card.   This fun card will have your dad smiling from ear to ear.   Let’s get started!

You will need:


Die cut your red letters for “DAD” and trim your 1-inch strips (Sandstone) for the border of your card.  


Next, use your brown marker to create lines on the 1-inch strips.   This is to make your strips look like wood.   You are making a faux wood frame for your card.  After you have created your “wood pieces”, you can then glue the strips onto the white card with tacky glue.


Now you can add the words “Best” and “Ever” to your card before you adhere your “DAD” die cut letters.   After you have written these words (or any words you want to pick – be creative and kind to your dad!) then you can adhere the die cut letters.

Thank you for visiting the Kunin Blog for Make a Father’s Day Card, crafting is good for you and good to share!

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Rina Gonzales

Owner of Create Studio Fresno & Founder of Crafty Happy Hour


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