Patriotic Felt Garland

Create a patriotic garland in three easy steps! This adorable little project is fantastic for making patriotic decorations for Memorial Day and Independence Day but could also be done in other fabulous colors for events, parties and other holidays.


For inspiration, I pulled from my art portfolio and used the flowers in the Patriotic Party collection. You can see a few of the flowers pinned to the garland.


To create this garland, you will need the following supplies and materials:


  • Kunin Felt in desired colors (Red, White and Blue)
  • Buttons in desired colors (Red, White and Blue)
  • Thread and Needle
  • Sewing Machine (or extra thread for hand stitching)
  • Scissors

And now for the three easy steps!


  1. Cut out circles in three different sizes and stack them as desired.
  2. Sew the circle stacks together through the middle (smallest) circle.
  3. Add buttons to embellish using thread or embroidery floss.

Ta Da! You can clothespin these to string up a garland or use them to decorate tables, gift bags and more. Comment and let me know if you have other creative ideas of ways they could be used.

Patriotic Circle

Decorating for occasions makes everything a little more festive and a lot more fun!


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