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The season of Celebration is upon us this Spring and Summer, so try your hand at making this quick and easy no sew banner!


  • Kunin Eco-fi Rainbow ClassicFelt 9″ x 12″ Craft Cuts – Neon Green (2), Gold (2), Cadet Blue (1), Coral Red (1), Violet Sky (1), Candy Pink (1), Apple Green (1), Orange (1) and Brilliant Blue (1).
  • Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue.
  • Ruler; Pencil; Eight Sheets of plain paper or scrap poster board (8″ x 8″); 1/4″ Wooden Dowel (28″); Red Pom Poms (2); Scissors; Clothespins (6-8); gardening shears.


1) Measure and cut the follow: Top row – Neon Green (leave 9″ x 12″); Gold (8″ x 12″); Cadet Blue (leave 9″ x 12″). Middle row – Coral Red (9″x 9″); Violet Sky (8″ x 9″); Candy Pink (9″ x 9″). Bottom row – Apple Green (9″ x 9″); Orange (8″ x 9″); Brilliant Blue (9″ x 9″).

2) To create the top row, Line up Neon Green, Gold and Cadet Blue felt on your work surface.  Apply Beacon Felt Glue to right 12″ edge of Neon Green and to left 12″ edge of Cadet Blue.  Attach Gold felt to Neon Green and Cadet Blue felt by overlapping, let dry.  Repeat with middle row using Coral Red, Violet Sky and Candy Pink felt, let dry.  Repeat with bottom row using Apple Green, Orange and Brilliant Blue felt, let dry.

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3) Draw letters (or use a computer generated font) on 8″ x 8″ pieces of paper or poster board, cut out.  Use the negative image to create a “stencil” of each letter C, E, L, E, B, R, A, T, E.  Outline each letter onto coordinating color of felt, using the project photo as your guide.  Cut out letters.

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4) Attach rows of letters using Beacon Felt Glue.  Overlap middle row on top of top row.  Overlap bottom row on top of middle row.  Flip banner over and create a pocket at the top by folding the top row over on to itself and secure with Beacon Felt Glue and Clothespins until dry.

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5) Measure and cut two strips of Gold and Neon Green felt 12″ long by 3″ wide.  Fringe all four pieces using scissors.  Attach to bottom edge of banner using Beacon Felt Glue, let dry.

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6) Measure wooden dowel to 28″ with gardening shears.  Slide dowel through pocket in top of banner. Measure orange ribbon to 36″ and secure to each end of dowel with knots.  Measure two lengths of fuchsia ribbon to 24″ each; tie in bows at either end of dowel or notch ends with scissors.

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Hang your banner on the front gate or front door and CELEBRATE every special occasion for years to come!

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

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