Carrot Pillow

Hello there fellow felt friends!  It’s Laura here again and I have a confession.  I have become addicted to making all things carrot as the springtime arrives.  I made few little felt and fabric carrots for my bunny loving Zoe and she was only sort of impressed.  She asked where the big carrot for her bed was.  So I made it.


For inspiration, I consulted my licensable portfolio of art and rediscovered my doodled carrots.  I decided to use the following materials to make a bigger carrot pillow.


I cut my carrot freehand, the front and back at the same time.  I tore fabric scraps to make the stripes.  Then I cut five felt strips from green about an inch wide and twelve inches long.  I tore green fabric for these.


I used the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine to add the stripes to the carrot front and to the green strips.


I assembled the carrot to sew it together, pinning the green pieces folder over across the top.


Then I used the zig zag stitch all the way around the pillow, leaving a 3 inch gap to stuff it.  I stuffed it then sewed the opening closed.  The last step I did was stitch on some Outrageous Orange buttons from my collection with Buttons Galore to add that final touch.


Ta Da!


Happy Making Carrots and Celebrating The Little Things,


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