Felt Celebration Crowns

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Now that Halloween is almost over, it’s time to turn our attention to making holiday gifts. I know that I, for one, am trying to get a jump start on my holiday crafting so I don’t make myself crazy later in the season. This super cute set of Felt Celebrations Crowns is a perfect gift for your favorite little girl and her doll.


  • Felt Celebration Crown Pattern (PDF Crown Pattern)
  • Eco-fi Plus™ Premium Felt in colors of your choice for flowers & Crown
  • Flower shapes. You can hand cut your flowers or use a die. I used Sizzix’s dies and a Big Shot Machine™
  • Ribbon

LB Crown Photo 2 Oct 27


  1. Using the PDF pattern, cut 2 of each size for each crown. Crown Pattern
  2. Arrange felt flower shapes onto the front piece of the crown and pin in place.
  3. Using various embroidery stitches, stitch the flowers in place.
  4. Cut your ribbon. It’s best to measure the head of the child/doll and cut the ribbon based on the size of the head + 20”.
  5. Lay the bottom crown shape on your work table.
  6. Lay the ribbon along the base, making sure it is centered and that 10” of ribbon hang beyond the sides of the crown.
  7. Carefully lay the top of the crown on top of the ribbon and crown bottom, with the flowers facing up. Pin in place.
  8. Stitch a running stitch around the edges of the crown. Make sure you are stitching into the ribbon along the base of the crown.

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