My Pink Felt Pillow for Hands-On-Heart

Project Description:


With October’s beautiful weather and the celebratory spirit of the season also comes the month when we as women stand together as a sisterhood to love each other and honor each other’s journeys through Breast Cancer Awareness. I don’t think I know anyone who has not been touched by this crappy cancer and think that this campaign to sew pillows for women who need them is fabulous.

It is the Hands-on-Heart Breast Cancer Pillow Drive and to participate, I created a pillow with pink felt. Like most projects, this is how it starts on the table.


After a little sewing, a little stitching and a little stuffing…here it is.

Kunin Felt Breast Cancer Heart Pillow Front

I added a prayer pocket to the back with three ribbons representing three things. The first is my mom who did not survive but will always be remembered. The second represents Vicki O’Dell, a designer in the craft and sewing industry who is beating breast cancer as I write this post. And the third is for whoever gets this pillow to add their name.

Kunin Felt Breast Cancer Heart Pillow Back

Prayer Pocket

I feel so fortunate to have a career, a path and a journey that allows me to play with felt and buttons while connecting with my heart and soul.




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