Felt “Paper” Chain Garland

Felt “Paper” Chain Garland by Debra Quartermain

The countdown is on for the holidays. Last minute shopping, baking, crafting along with get togethers and parties, celebrations with family and friends, busy is my favorite time of year. Recently married to a darling man and inheriting six delightful grandchildren, the holidays also include dance recitals and concerts. We are planning an annual party for the little ones and as five are boys, log cabins are the building of choice this year.

Along with the log cabins, candy and frosting construction, we want to plan some other fun and easy activities. I gave myself the challenge of what could be created out of strips of felt. With an age range from three to eleven the projects need to be basically simple but with the ability to be made more complex with the older ones. They will have fun choosing from the rainbow color selection of Kunin Classic felt.

In the Victorian era paper chains were made to decorate the family tree. It was one of the traditions Prince Albert brought from Germany when he married Queen Victoria. It gave me an idea for a felt “paper” chain garland. It would be even sturdier than paper and be able to be stored to be enjoyed for many years.

The 9″ x 12″ pieces of felt are ideal for cutting into strips for the chains. First choose your colors. It can be a multicolored chain or traditional red and white. I am thinking our one little girl may choose pink and white and I might too for my next one!


Super easy, fast and inexpensive to create. Cut nine 1″ x 12″ strips from each piece. Cut the 12” strips in half again. Each piece of felt will yield eighteen strips. Two pieces of felt will yield about 5’ of garland.

Begin by laying out the strips in the pattern you choose. Take the first piece, overlap short ends and glue. Insert the second piece through the first loop, overlap ends and glue. Repeat until the chain is as long as required or someone gets tired. Making several shorter pieces and then joining them is easier as well for little ones and when working with a group. A tip on glue selection: older children and adults Beacon’s Fabri-tac or hot glue, for younger ones Aleene’s Turbo Tacky.

Here is my red and white garland added to our country Christmas mantle in the kitchen. I also embellished it with buttons. A polka dot effect would be pretty with adding red buttons to the white chain pieces. Sparkly gems or pearls would give an elegant look.


For more ideas on decorating with felt garlands not only at Christmas but year round too, here are some great links!


Next time I will share some more quick and easy decorating and gift ideas made with strips of felt.

Till Thursday!