Animal Bling Phone Sleeve

DQ Fancifelt Z Phone Sl_612_480

I love animal prints and especially the ones that are animal friendly. Kunin has a line called Fancifelt, hot pink Zebra, glitter Hearts, flocked Dots and even Cowpoke patterns! The patterns are embossed and makes for a very sturdy and stylish product. I just got a new phone which so far is proving to be much smarter than I am! At least I could look good with it so a new phone case was needed, something fashionable of course but practical too.

The Fancifelt comes in 9” by 12” craft cuts. It is easy and economical to use for small projects. I even had enough left from the two pieces to make a tissue holder to match! How to’s on Thursday! With the variety of patterns you can make a phone sleeve to go with every purse or outfit!  This is a low sew or no sew project. Instead of using a machine it could also be hand stitched with a decorative edge stitch or glued.

You will need:
9” x 12” Fancifelt  Zebra, 1 White, 1 Shocking Pink
Stick on Crystals
Hook and Loop Square
1 Black button
Fabri-Tac glue
Scissors, ruler, pencil, sewing machine, matching thread, needle

How to:
1. Cut each piece of felt in half , 6” by 9”. Cut from white zebra a 2” by 5” piece for strap.
2. Place both pieces of felt right sides together. With a ¼” seam sew around all four sides leaving a 2” opening on one side.
3. Clip corners, turn right side out and finger press. Turn opening in even with seam line, topstitch across this end.
4.  Fold piece in half. Topstitch on two sides leaving top open. Add crystals along seam.
5. Fold strap piece 5/8” under on opposite long sides. Topstitch down center. Sew button to one end.
6. Glue or sew strap centered 1” down from back edge.
DQ Phone Sl Back 2
7. Bring strap to front, glue or sew one half hook and loop to back of strap. Glue remaining half to sleeve front.
8. Embellish with crystals.

Alternate method:
For gluing or hand sewing omit Step 1. For gluing, glue pieces wrong sides together. For hand stitching place wrong sides together, decorative stitch top edge. Finish following remaining steps gluing or hand stitching instead of topstitching.

Think about embellishing this with a monogram charm, add an appliqué or more bling! I love being able to quickly and inexpensively make an accessory. Now thinking my guy’s phone may like a cowpoke version with a cowboy boot charm? Earth Day is just a few weeks away; we will be sharing some great ideas in March for crafty earthy friendly projects with Kunin’s eco-fi felts. Keep creating! Debra